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You should never say these 15 words if you do not want to be Implicated as a Cultist

There is a popular saying that the way you dress is the way you are to be addressed. There ia more to this Addage also there are things we do or say that can get us implicated or we are been thought of as Cultist.

There are some group of words that are being used by cultists and a decent individual should not say here are them below.

In order to keep you safe do not say these words

15 Words you should not say.

1. "How best": It is a cultists slang that means what's going on or what's happening

2. "Who goes": Is a cultists slang which means who are you

3. "Wetin dey Xup" : It is a word used when cultists try to ask each other what is going on

4. "I dey H": Is a slangs used when cultists try to say I am hungry

5. "Jazz down": It meaning is for that individual to sit down

6. "I go overboard You" : Its a slang which means that the individual wants to kill someone.

7. "Make we dey Sail" : It means for the group of people to leave that particular area

8. "Disembark" : Is a word used by cultists which means to back down

9. "Blow Knosh": It is used by cultists whenever they want to take some cigarettes

10. "You done jones" : Is a word used by cultists which means you are not living up to expectations

11. "Give us Meters" : It means give us space

12. "Echo": It means to collect an object

13. "Anchor" : It means to give an object

14. "Cap": Used by cultists it means to talk in private

15. "Checkment" Used by cultists it means to check out something

Please do not use this words above and do not involve in cultism


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