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Ladies, No Matter How Poor Your Boyfriend Is, Marry Him If He Has These 4 Qualities

Before agreeing to marry a man, there are a few things to consider. If you don't detect them before getting married, you might have to live with the consequences for the rest of your life. Marriage is not like a relationship in which you may end it at any time if you are unhappy with how things are going. Marriage is both a blessing and a curse.

Poverty should not be a stumbling block to marrying your soul love. In a marriage, money is not the source of happiness. What matters most is true affection for one another. People who are wealthy are not the happiest people on the planet. Joy, understanding, trust, and selflessness are what make a marriage happy.

If you love a poor guy, don't damage yourself by abandoning him because of it. If you truly love him, you'll be happy to settle down with him if he possesses the qualities listed below.


Please, before looking for everything else in a guy, search for God's fear. A man who has no fear of God is like a thief who has no conscience. Everything appears to be in order in his eyes. If a man can humble himself in front of God, there's a good chance he'll appreciate you as his wife.

A guy who fears God will not lay his hand on his wife. He is not allowed to be unfaithful to his wife. He will never do anything that puts his connection with God in jeopardy. Such a man prays exceptionally effectively. When you kneel with him in front of the alter to pray, he feels loved up. You will feel safe with such a man.


Some males cheat mostly due to a lack of self-control. The saddest part is that huge men aren't the only ones that cheat. Both the rich and the poor cheat. No matter how strong the temptation, a guy with self-control will not cheat on his wife. No matter how much provocation he receives, such a man will never be able to beat his wife.


Never marry a man who is disrespectful in any way. How can one recognise a man who lacks respect? You'd inquire. Look at how he speaks to his parents, relatives, and family members to get a sense of who he is. Keep an eye on how he addresses his friends. Above all, pay close attention to how he treats outsiders. You must find a way out of his life if he treats people badly and without respect. Please marry him if he is respectful.


Before you marry your man, he must not be wealthy. But, before you walk down the isle with him, be sure he has a steady and consistent source of income. Otherwise, do not marry him unless you can take care of both of you till he gets financially secure.

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