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2 Things That can Ruin A Man's Life Forever

Life some say is good while others would argue that fact bay saying it's tough, the truth is that life itself is bittersweet, matter who you are or what status you have achieved, your upbringing, you cant be happy all the rest of your life, you must pass through some setbacks.

These days the competition to succeed has become tougher, everybody wants to succeed, live the good life and be happy but most times it doesn't happen that way because most of the times we make mistakes on the way up.

These mistakes could be fatal to our success, so this article is to address some of these issues, today's issues would be general issues that affect both the rich and the poor in society.

1. Spending carelessly: No Matter whom your father is you can never succeed if you spend far more than you earn, this is a major problem for rich kids who always want to live a flamboyant life, tour round the world.

Haven't you noticed that these people do not most of the time become or archive as much as their parents, Also kids from poor homes also who are trying to keep up with the growing trend.

You see them spend all they have to get to wear the newest clothes in the neighbourhood, it's okay to look good but looking good to impress people is total nonsense.

As you struggle to look good outside also look good financially.

2. No Respect for time: Nobody wants to do business with anyone who has no respect for time, if you don't keep to time you can't get any meaning full thing done like they say "time waits for no man" my brother rethink your steps now!!.

If you do these two things please change, because it's every parent's dream to see their children succeed, just don't disappoint them.

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