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For Men: 5 Reasons Why She Is Ignoring Your Calls

It is not an easy experience to have a lady ignore your call as a man. But it is part of life and one has to always expect that. There are different reasons why ladies behave that way and Men need to understand these reasons. However, here are five reasons why she's ignoring your call:

1. She Thinks You Are Boring

When a lady does not find joy in picking your calls, then she might start rejecting or ignoring them. The conversation is always boring and she does not have the vibe to talk with you. Even if you try to make her laugh, she sees nothing funny in you.

2. She Thinks You Want To Ask Her Out

When a lady is not interested in you and she feels you're going to ask her out, she will ignore your calls. Even if you keep persisting, she wouldn't show interest in having a conversation with you. She is either committed to her single life or her relationship.

3. She Knows You Might Not Hang Up Quickly

Maybe she's not ready to talk for a long period of time and she knows that your conversation is always lengthy, she might not pick your calls. Ladies are not always in the mood to talk for a long period of time and sometimes they're not even in the mood to talk at all.

4. She's Not Interested In You At All

When a lady is not interested in you at all, then there is a high probability that she will not pick your call. This is because she knows that you are trying to convince her to be interested in you. Either as friends or lovers, she's not interested.

5. She Thinks There Are Better Things To Do Than Your Call

Maybe you are calling her at the wrong time and she feels that she has better things to do at that particular time than picking your calls. Possibly if you call her later, she might be less busy.

Content created and supplied by: Salen_Kennie (via Opera News )


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