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Husband and wife relationship

Opinion: 3 Lessons To Learn From The Man Who Beat-Up His Wife To Coma And Also Unplugged Her Oxygen

Marriage is for the mature minds as not everyone knows the secret to maintain a peaceful home, today we would be looking at the 3 lessons we should learn from the man who beat-up his pregnant wife to coma and also removed the oxygen which was meant for her survival and left her to die.

The sad story of this couple should serve as an example to others, as we should be careful about the action we take in order not to live a life full of regrets, here are the 3 things to learn from the tragic story of this couple.

1. We should learn to have self-control in order not to make mistakes that we may regret in the future, we should therefore learn to control ourselves so we won’t fall into trouble.

2. We should learn to forgive ourselves irrespective of how we hurt, we should always try to forgive each other.

3. We should learn to love ourselves, because without love there wouldn’t be peace in our homes, we should therefore care and respect each other.

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