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5 Qualities Of A Good Woman

A lot of people have been complaining about not being in a relationship, because they can't find the right person, and those who are already in a relationship are also unsure of whether they should remain in the relationship or leave. As a man, no matter what your doubt is among all the ones I listed, there are some qualities that you can still look out for in a woman, and once you see it in your woman, you should never leave her.

I understand that love is a matter of the heart, and we tend to analyze it with emotions rather than logic, but if you want to build a satisfying relationship, you would need to mix emotions with logic, so that you can choose right.

So, as a man, never leave a woman that has the following five qualities.

1. A woman that cooks for you

In this era of different modern ideologies, it's becoming rare to see women that are still genuinely interested in cooking for their man. Most have them have been made to believe that both the man and the woman should handle the kitchen and not just the woman. So, if your woman still cooks for you, stick to her, she's one of the best that you can still find around.

2. If she respects you

Every relationship should be about mutual respect, if you want your woman to respect you, you'll also need to respect her. But there are some women that even when you respect them, they'll still disrespect you, and it seems those are the ones that are common nowadays. So, if you woman respects you, never leave her.

3. A prayerful woman

Every man needs a prayerful woman in his life, a woman that will continue to support your business and all your endeavours with prayers. You can't afford to lose such a woman like this, because there are some blessings you'll be receiving that would be as a result of all her prayers. So, if your woman is prayerful, never leave her.

4. A woman that spends quality time with you

No relationship would survive if the partners don't spend some quality time together. And this explains why quality time is one of the important qualities that you have to look out for in a woman. If you have a woman who's always willing to spend quality time with you, stick with her. It means that she enjoys your company and that would prolong your relationship.

5. A business-oriented woman

You should never leave a business-oriented woman, it means that you have a woman in your life that's willing to support you in settling some of the bills, she wants to be financially independent so that the family won't be depending on only your income. This is a unique quality that you shouldn't take for granted.

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