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Ladies No Matter How Much You Love A Man, Don't Ever Do These 5 Things(Opinion)

Let's say you've recently fallen in love or married, you 're getting a lifetime. You 're so happy with your friend, you guys do something together, he gives you sweet love. He's very loving and sweet, you feel like he's the perfect guy, and you think you can tell him everything.

Just pause, wash the thought out of your mind. Yeah , I know you love him and he loves you, but you can never tell your husband or boyfriend anything. You may end up regretting it, see some things below;

1. Never tell him your secret family, I know you love him, and you guys are one. Stop revealing your family any information, value your family secret. Your husband is not your blood, he will judge you one day.

2. Don't tell him your lies and past mistakes. I think we've all done things we can't talk about, it's easier to keep that hidden. He'll use your past mistakes against you, particularly when he's mad.

3. Never marry a man who used to beat you, and taunt you when he gets upset. The guy will never improve, he'll get worse. You'll turn to those women who post and ask people to cover their I.D.

Alot of Women, whose husbands usually beat them, knew all of these. They saw the signs while dating, but they figured he 'd adjust.

4. Have no abortion in your life for a man you love, a man you love will never tell you to take a risk that will harm you. If you become barren, will he still love you? My baby, be patient, if you ruin your career, he'll marry another.

5. Never marry a man if your genotype is 'AS,' and his own is 'AS.' If you love him, for your unborn child's sake. Don't make a child suffer in this country.

Thanks for reading, do you agree? Was there something you can stop in a relationship? Please share this and follow me for more.

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