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How To Train a Child

Well , human beings think being strict can help in training a child in the right way . Well , in my opinion , that's not entirely right . Don't get me wrong , in my experience been strict might be good sometimes.

I am going to give my own perspective of training a child , the rest is up to you.

Firstly , when a child is at a tender age (3 - 10 yrs) , parents tend to speak to them , telling them , do's and don'ts , but at that age a child might have poor understanding , so what he sees is what he or she would tend to portray. Infact in some cases you tell a child not to do something but he sees you doing it , the child then starts to think " you do such , why can't I " this eventually results in the child testing it. I'm not saying that speaking to the child doesn't work completely , but as the saying goes " action speaks louder than voice ".

As the child exceeds the age range stated above , the method of training the child changes at this present stage because at this stage the child tends to have an attraction to the opposite gender , when the child shows this behaviour at home , the parent tends to tell the child to stay away from the opposite gender , this teaching is incomplete , again the child asks himself or herself , " why should I not " . As a parent , when you tell a child a not to do something , you should also tell him or her , why he or she should not do that thing you asked him or her not to do , with this you should also tell him or her , how to abstain from doing that thing you asked him or her not to do .

Well this is my perspective , please let me know if I'm wrong some where in the write-up or if I've missed something I should have added .

Please share and comment . Thank you

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