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3 reasons why a man may leave a woman he loves so much

Love is a beautiful thing. Everyone tries to love, the experience in love is beyond what humans can tell, true love is natural, you can't force yourself to love, otherwise the whole experience will end in a disastrous manner

People who are involved in love have different experience, some of which might be exciting or disgusting.

Nowadays people hardly find love, men hardly develop true feelings for women and women hardly love back when they're being loved. Love can neatly be explain by people who live long ago. Men of nowadays usually get their attention drawn into what they know as hot chicks. Thus, their feelings aren't there, they only want somebody they can vibe with or better catch cruise together.

But nevertheless, they are good women and good men who still love and want to be loved back, but usually still see their partner shut down the door on them

1. Stalking: Mens are the ones who doesn't hesitate to quit, even if their partner was good enough.

They don't just quit, they quit for some reasons. Now let's look at the reasons why a man may shut the relationship door on a woman even if she was good : men need freedom, they want to be alone sometimes. In fact, there's a moment in a man's life that he feels he doesn't even need a woman, so being everywhere around him might make him feel uncomfortable. Thus, seeking for other better options. Note this, men value women that are scarcer than the ones monitoring their life 24/7. 

2.Respect: Men want women they love to respect them, a man will always want to feel like a king and should be treated as such by his queen, even the bible says, men love your wife, women respect your husband. When love occupies the center of the relationship other than respect, a man will always want to turn out, irrespective of how good the woman is.

3. Money: Some women seem to control the man when they're more financially stable, I mean their husbands need to seek permission before doing anything. Men are known to be the bread winner of the family, they want to control everything and money is what gives them the power to do so. So therefore in a situation where a man cannot fulfill his financial obligations and the woman is doing fine financially and as taken over the financial obligations. The relationship might still go on though, but might probably don't lead to marriage, because some men hate being enslaved to their spouse money.

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