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Don't Stop Your Daughters From Getting Married Because Of School - Muslim Lady Speaks Out On Twitter

Marriage is something which is part of people's life. When two people get married, would be because they live with each other and spend the rest of their lives together.

In most modern societies, marriage is a sacred union which is given utmost importance. So because of the importance of marriage, most people discuss it with respect.

A Muslim lady with username @LAAVEXY took to the popular social media platform called Twitter where she spoke out on an issue relating to marriage. According to the lady, whenever a girl wants to get married, she shouldn't be stopped because of education.

You must note that ladies from elite families usually go through education before tying the knot. Since they need to complete their education, they would have to postpone their desire for marriage.

The Muslim lady also said that reading books would not curb any sexual desire that any girl would feel. She also said that sexual desires are natural.

See a screenshot of her post below;

One should note that in Africa, marriage isn't really limited by age as people from some parts of the continent don't really consider age as a requirement for marriage, especially in the islamic regions.

However after the lady made her post on social media, she got reactions from some online users.

Below is a screenshot of their reactions;

Looking at the screenshot above, you would notice that a man with username @kacyfreshvibes reacted saying "the reason why underage girls marry in the North. Marriage is not a solution to sexual desires".

Although, he also added that marriage is not a solution to sexual desires, you should note that having a legal partner does go a long way.

What do you think about this lady's opinion? Please leave a comment below.

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