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8 Ladies Etiquette Every Woman Should Know

As a woman, it is important to be feminine and the more are some ladies etiquette every woman should know. Proper etiquette shows that you have a nice character. Some of them are listed here below and some reasons why as women, we should follow them. 

1: Don't be boastful, arrogant or loud

It is not lady like for woman to do any of these things. As a woman, if someone calls you or wants to tell you something from another room, go into that room to answer. If you stay in a different room from the person, it is no doubt that you will have to raise your voice in order to be heard which does not portray the character of a woman. If you're in that situation, hi to the room where the person is calling and talk.

Also, don't be boastful and arrogant, many people won't like someone who is boastful and arrogant.

2: Avoid bad languages

Many women today use 'swear' words in their everyday life and they see it as normal but that's not how it is supposed to be. Watch your language and avoid being too loud because if you're too loud, some words which you're not supposed to say might slip out of your mouth.

3: Avoid being rude

No matter how angry or moody you are, don't let your mood affect your character. Being rude to people drives them away from you and it just shows how ill mannered you are, so next time something gets you angry, you don't need to be rude to the person, act like nothing happened and it'll just show how much of a lady you are.

4: Know your limit when you visit someone

Some people are protective of their homes and not everyone is the same. While you might like someone to feel at home in your house, not everyone might like that. You should only walk around the house when you're asked to. Another important note to take is that it might sound offensive to some people by asking for a tour around their home.

5: Walk like a lady

When walking as a lady, watch your steps and don't walk like you are in a hurry. It also helps to have a good posture and walk with one foot in front of the other. If there is need to walk in a hurry, just take quick short steps, that will do.

6: Sit like a lady

Many women don't know how to sit in a graceful manner. When you sit, make sure your legs are tightly closed and keep your foot to the side. Don't slouch your back as it indicates a bad posture.

7: Be respectful

Nobody loves a woman who is harsh and disrespectful. Learn to say 'I'm sorry', 'please' and 'thank you' when needed. Proper use of these words makes you look more lady like. When you learn to say these words, people will admire you and you will gain respect from people.

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