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"4 Things That Can Change Your Life For Good"-Doctor Shares On Twitter.

A doctor on Twitter has taken to his account to share some tips.

He shared Four things that can change your life for good.

1. Don't Reply When You Are Angry;

Anger is like a small madness. When you are angry, you end up acting irrationally and may say hurtful things you don't mean. At that instance, you just want to make the person who's gotten you worked up feel hurt too.

Instead of regretting your actions later, avoid giving a reply when you are angry.

2. Don't make a promise when you are happy;

It is not advisable to make a promise to anyone when you are happy. This is because at this stage, you are excited and if someone asks for the impossible, you will say yes to them. At the end of the day, you can't keep the promise since it is something you can't do.


3. Don't make a decision when you are sad;

Sadness has a way of clouding your mind. You see things in grey and to snap out of it, you will take decisions that will backfire later.

For instance, you are sad because someone broke your heart and when you see the person happy it pushes you further to be sad, and then you decide to stop the happiness by kidnapping the person. You've committed a criminal offense.

4. Don't say Yes when you mean to say No;

Don't feel pressured to say Yes to anyone when you want to say No. Even if they try to make you feel guilty, stand your ground and make your decision.

When you do these things you will be at peace with yourself.

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