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Private Organ Dryness: Foods That Can Help Handle This Problem In Women

Private organ Dryness in women is one factor responsible for the discomfort most women experience during love making. This is because the lubricants produced by the private organ during intimacy helps not only to accommodate the sperm cells but also to help prevent friction during intimacy.

Like every other problem, there are certain foods that could help handle the problem private organ Dryness in women. If you are having this problem, just endeavour to eat more of the foods going to examined in this article. However after eating more of these foods and the issue doesn't improve, then you might consider seeing a doctor for treatment and proper checkup. Just sit tight and enjoy this article whilst learning something new.

What Are The Foods That Can Help Handle The Problem Of Private Organs Dryness?

1. Eat More Sweet Potatoes; this is one of the foods you should eat more often as a woman not just because of lubrication and proper health of the private organ but also to help with fertility rate improvement. Sweet potatoes contain beta carotene and vitamin A which contribute to the strengthening of the uterine walls. It has also been proven that consumption of sweet potatoes can help improve fertility in both women and men.

2. Apples; this is one fruit that should be consumed regularly. Eating atleast one apple daily not only keeps you away from the hospital but also makes bedroom activities interesting and worthwhile. Medical research has proven that women who ate atleast one apple daily had a more improved and enjoyable sex life with their partners. Phytoestrogen phloridzin found in apples helps promote better sexual function, arousal, lubrication and ability to orgasm. As a woman, you should consume more of apples, infact anytime you get an opportunity to consume apples please do so because it has multiple benefits for you.

3. Avocados; avocados are great fruits not just for intimacy but for our health. But in this piece our major attention is on the importance of these foods to intimacy and issue of private organ Dryness in women. As a woman, endeavour to eat more avocados because this fruit contains very healthy fats that are desired by the human body and can go a long way in improving lubrication during intimacy.

Source: Healthline

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Eat More Sweet Potatoes


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