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Signs That Your Girlfriend Might Be Cheating On You

It is always painful when a girl you love finds another man she is interested in, it will literally break you to know that the love of your life is now the love of another person’s life. Here are some signs that your boo now has another boo.

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She no longer picks your call during some specific hours and days; no matter how often you call her during this period she will not pick and when she finally does she will come up with some reason for her refusal to pick.

Her phone is always on silence or airplane mode anytime she is with you; this is the classic move of a lady with an extra boo.

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She always have nice things that she can’t afford; these might be the things that the newest man in her life is buying for her. 

You often find her laughing and chatting on the phone, just know that your position has being stolen from you.

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She no longer gets angry at you for ignoring her; this is probably because she does not even notice that you don’t call her as much as you used to because another gentleman now has her full attention.

If your girlfriend is doing any of these things listed above then you should now it is high time to buckle up and fight for your love.

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