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Does Using The Left-Hand Really Mean A Bad Luck Or It Is Just A Mere Superstition?

The habit of using our left hand to give or collect something is term A BAD HABIT in Nigeria, especially among the Yorubas. In the south-west part of Nigeria where I grow, the left hand is referred to as (Owo Osi) which literally means unfortunate hand.

While some people see the act as bad habit, some believe that using the hand is not only a bad habit but also bad luck. That is why no matter how occupied your right hand may be, those set of people will never collect something from you using left hand.

In schools, I have seen some brilliant students that use left hand yet majority of them are tag (Olowo osi) which means users of unfortunate hand.

A girl who is a friend once told me that she can never marry a left-hand user because they are subjected to anger and they are very difficult to live with. Also many women in the society always caution their wards from using this hand.

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