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Dear Ladies, Do These Five Simple Things To Make Your Man Miss You.

One way to increase the affection a man has for you is to make him miss you, as he may never know your importance till you are no longer available. Making your man miss you is not an impossible task as there are some little things that when done right, would make him miss your presence.

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So in this article, I would be listing some simple ways you can make a man miss you.

1. When you are with him, make him feel special by treating him like your king, take good care of him by doing little things like helping him clean he's house and doing he's laundry. When you care for your man it makes him value and love you more, and the more he loves you and grows fond of you, the more he is going to miss you when you are not around as he would miss the care and love you showed him while you where with him.

2. There is nothing a man likes more than coming back home after a stressful day, to a special meal prepared for him by he's woman. This really gives a man a feeling of content and happiness. When your man gets used to you doing this for him, the day you aren't going to be around he would definitely miss you alot.

3. When you are too available for a man he might start getting bored and tired of your presence, and he would not have any space to miss you. But when you are not always too available and you only visit him once in a while, then he is going to miss you and would value your presence more when you visit.

4. We are all used to having the man take the woman out on dates. But it does not have to be like this all the time, you can surprise your man and take him on a date. Little gestures like this would make him see you as different from the other women he has dated, and this would also make him miss you more when you are no longer around.

5. Buying gifts for your man when ever you visit him would make him always cherish your visits. He would also want you to visit as he would feel excited because he knows you are going to get him a surprise pack.

So when you are no longer around, he would definitely miss your presence and crave to see you again.

6. You don't always have to visit or stay with your man, he would quickly get used to seeing you around and he would not miss you. So sometimes you can travel or go away to somewhere and stay for some while, by doing this you are giving him space to miss you.

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