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Dear Men, Here are Key Secrets on How to Maintain a Successful Relationship.

1. Don't try for establishing relationships with the wrong people. For this, you must be able to identify them correctly. Your own experience will help you to judge people correctly.

2. Understanding is supreme. Please try to understand the person totally. In order to achieve this, you must participate. Talk with the person, not to justify your own point of view but to reveal who you are from the core.Everyone has a past. Try to share your feelings and most genuine thoughts without withholding anything with this person of your choice. If this person is not interested, you will come to know in no time. Simultaneously, if the person too expresses his or her views spontaneously, then you will be in a better position to receive that person in your life.

3. Let the relationship develop spontaneously. With zero effort on your part or the other party's part. Don't force yourself. Don't accept any force from the other side too.

4. Become devoid of any expectations. Absolutely no expectations. That should be the motto. If you are able to help, then you can offer to. If you are not able to, then that too is fine - you simply express your inability. The same thing goes with the other party too. But at no point of time, it should be an obstacle to the growth of the relationship between you two. If it is proved to be a hindrance, then you immediately know that the other party wanted some benefit to accrue to him or her, and that's why he or she was interested in you.

5. Monetary exchanges are to be avoided at all costs. Note that this does not apply between spouse and children, but that should be kept confidential and under a prescribed limit. That the fallout of any monetary help provided will ultimately be negative in the long term is almost a certainty. Be it between close friends or any close acquaintances. Also it might turn into a regular affair. So avoid it

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