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5 Behaviors You Should Never Tolerate In A Relationship

An impractical relationship can torment you until you become the gloomiest being alive. There are things you should keep up with I a relationship while you should have so no go areas. The earlier you accept that some relationship are not meant for you, the better.

So, in this article, we’ve pointed out the top 5 critical things you should never tolerate in a relationship:

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This is common with guys. They want to control everything. They want to have all the say. It not something bad for a partner to make some decisions sometimes but you should never tolerate someone who feels the need to control every aspect of your life and your relationship. Don't every settle for this. Talk to your partner about the need for change because someday he/She will make decisions you will live all your to regret

4. Negativity

If you see your partner ignoring your problems with unrealistic solutions, not giving you enough space, not caring about your sentiments and neglect your career-related decisions; be sure that you have a negativity lurking in your relationship.

People who focus on the negative tend to have low energy, blame others for their problems.

Your partner should be the comforter, not the aggravator so don't stay around negative people because you get infected too.

3. Violence

Relationship violence is the physical, emotional and/or verbal abuse of one partner by the other partner in a current or former dating relationship. Abusive behavior is any act carried out by one partner aimed at hurting the other; the goal of the behavior is to establish and maintain power and control in the relationship.

Don't develop the 'he will change attitude'. Every form of relationship abuse (Physical, Mental, Financial, Social, Sexual, Emotional and Verbal) shouldn't be allowed in a relationship. Talk to your partner if he/she isn't ready to change, then walk out.

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2. Never Listening Behaviour

What is relationship all about if your partner is never listening. Both of you should be responsible enough to listen to one another without fear. If your partner all view your thoughts with the 'it doesn't matter' attitude then he/she doesn't care about you!

1. Disrespectful Language

People make slip of tongue sometimes but when you partner feels it normal to use foul language on you then you aren't in the right relationship. Words affect the way we think. Negative words brings negative thought don't endure it

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