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Reactions As Woman Plans To Marry A Man And Pay His "Groom Price"

It seems like the sun is now revolving around the earth. Things are beginning to changes as to what looks like the "unbelievable" Is beginning to happen.

A lady identified as made a tweet on her Twitter handle her readiness to marry. She is sending her current picture to her mum in the village, who will now look for a husband for her. She furthered emphasized the features the guy would have.

It may look sarcastic but there's a subtle message behind it.

See the reactions on her post;

Read what I deduced from her post;

1. She's saying that men ask for too much from women. And if the table should turn, the men won't bear one-quarter of what they expect from the women.

2. Again, she's saying that men need not see women as toys and objects of control and satisfaction. The men are always trying to puff their ego to let the women know that they are still in charge.

3. Furthermore, the lady is telling the men that they must learn to be loving and very supportive of the woman's dreams. You don't limit a woman to the home or kitchen. 

You can be the ark bearer in the home but if nurtured and her dreams attended to, she will always be an anchor in the storm when it comes.

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