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Reasons Your Brain Gets Attracted To Certain People

We've all had those times when someone very attractive comes into view and your heart rate speeds up. As if that's not enough, your body temperature rises if you're not lucky you begin to become embarrassingly sweet.

Why do we often get attracted to certain people and instantly abhor the idea of most?

15 Effects of Love on Your Brain and Body

1. Unconscious sexual attraction

We sometimes make this list of what we want in a person even before we meet anyone. Without realizing that sexual attraction is the first step to ticking all the boxes and trust me, if the sex turns out good, you may have to miss or even get to rewrite a new list (after the lust is being satisfied).

My partner has wet dreams – is there anything we can do to stop them? | Sex  | The Guardian

A primitive section of our brains responsible for regulating functions like hunger, sleep and sex can't help but release neurotransmitters (dopamine and serotonin) causing sensations of lust or love when we meet someone we find attractive.

Physical attraction in a relationship | How Important Is Physical  Attraction in a Relationship

Thankfully, these hormones stay only long enough for you to make up your mind about someone, which usually takes about 3 minutes.

The point is, oftentimes our sexual and romantic yearnings tend to overpower our thoughts, which results in overlooking a great number of self-imposed standards and problems.

TheTruth About Sexual Attraction That No One Discusses

2. Resemblance

We tend to attract people who are like us or remind us of loved ones. Like former lovers, friends or parents. Our body subconsciously activates hormones when a person triggers some kind of familiarity or resemblance. A study once found, we are less attracted to people who portray foreign personality traits or characters, and we're more attracted to those who complement ourselves or perhaps are a better version of us.

Family Resemblance » Family Resemblance Project3. Smell

We know that annoying saying; "Love at first sight"... Even though this is sometimes true, there are other senses that put our eyes to shame. The nose contributes greatly to how we receive others. So let's switch up that saying to "love at first smell"...

Vienna... what's that smell? | LearnEnglish Teens - British Council

Have you ever met someone so pretty and handsome and later found out they have bad breath or body odor?

I'll let you decide which sense organ you allow to take the lead.

Considering more than one study, women prefer men whose genes display a different immune response than theirs. Some were turned on by men who smelled similar to them or reminded them of similar smells, like that of their father figure.

What am I smelling when I smell B.O.? | Office for Science and Society -  McGill University

The pointy ears and nose play a weird yet important role in whom we find attractive or decide to get down with. Most people find others attractive for weird reasons, and could psychologically/emotionally respond to others for stupid reasons, too.

Relieve Stress with Comfort Smelling | Mental Floss

Whatever works for you. The main aim is to satisfy those primitive wants and needs your body demands.

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