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Opinion: Men, Do These 3 Things When A Woman Wants To Leave You And She Will Not Go.

Sometimes women may be fed up in a relationship or marriage and will want to leave for good, they will always communicate their intents to the man a good number of times before they will make up their mind to leave.

Men should know what to do at such a time to calm the heart of the woman so that she will not go. There are simple but effective things to do to stop a woman or wife from leaving when she wants to leave a relationship or marriage.

That is what I will reveal in this article, so dear reader, keep reading to know the tips I will reveal.

1. Go down on your knees and beg: if you don't want to lose any woman or wife that tells you she is leaving, you should go down on your knees and beg her to stay. She will change her mind seeing how you humbled yourself, it will make her feel so important that she may decide to stay

2. Appreciate her: if you don't want to lose a woman, you should master the art of appreciation. You should detest from the frequent complaint of her food, her mode of life, and decisions. A woman that feels she is appreciated by her husband will never think of leaving.

3. Change your ways: men, when a woman tells you that she wants to leave you, the ultimate thing you will do is to change your ways and start doing the right things towards her. A woman will not want to stay where she is not been taken good care of and loved.

In conclusion, the mentality that there are many fishes in the river had made many men lose the best of women that they could ever be with.

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