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6 Things Women Find Physically Attractive In Men

There are some guys out there that are attractive to women. It could be due to their personality or physical characteristics. All women want a man with a wonderful personality and a loving heart, but there are some physical characteristics that they are drawn to.

Most of the time, you'll hear a lady say she prefers a tall guy or a man with good eyes, to mention a few. It shows that there are certain qualities in men that women subconsciously admire. So, here are 7 Physical Attractive Qualities in a Guy that Women Find Attractive.

1. His Smile

Ladies adore gentlemen that have a lovely smile. A smile on a man's face indicates that he is a lovely person. When a man grins, women are generally drawn to him at first sight.

2. His Hair

Guys with outstanding hairstyles, textures, and colors are attractive to women. Women enjoy stroking a man's hair with their hands. This is due to the fact that it was his hair that initially drew her in. So, if your hair isn't in good shape, do something about it.

3. His Height

You'll often hear a woman describing her ideal man with her friends, and if you listen closely, you'll notice that height is always at the top of her list. It has been established that tall men, particularly those who are 6ft or taller, are attractive to women.

4. His Outfit

Ladies are drawn to you because of the way you look. If your clothing style is similar to hers, she will be interested in you. A well-suited man is always an easy target for the eyes.

5. His Eyes

Have you ever been stopped by a lady and told how beautiful your eyes are? If you haven't already, keep in mind that most women find a man's eyes appealing.

6. His Lips

As a man, having well-defined lips will heighten a woman's interest in you

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