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The differences between falling in love and being in love

The latter is a potential effect of the former. Allow me to explain.

You can fall in love with someone based on a number of reasons but, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will automatically progress to being in love.

Being in love is the ultimate end of falling in love.

Falling in love is the development of love. It could simply mean that someone has started developing a romantic connection and deeper attraction for another.

The development of that connection and deeper attraction results in being in love. Being in love comes with a level of certainty. It is manifested through shared experiences and acceptance of your feelings.

Falling in love can be stopped whereas being in love requires you to fall out of love.

Falling in love can be influenced by infatuation and desire whereas being in love can influence desire.

Sometimes, people fall in love relatively quickly, whereas being in love takes a much longer time.

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