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Husband and wife relationship

5 Pieces Of Advice Pastor Mildred Gave Ladies On How To Treat Their Husbands

Pastor Mildred Okonkwo enlightened ladies in her church on the benefits of praying for their husbands. She related her own life experiences and how God has used prayers to stabilize her marriage. She knows the importance of praying and how it solves a lot of problems in the family. She advised them to abandon nagging and create time to intercede on behalf of their husbands. However, here are 5 Pieces of advice Pastor Mildred Okonkwo gave ladies in the Church on how to treat their husbands.

1. Pray that God will teach your husband how to love you so that his prayers will not be hindered, because if his prayers are hindered, it will affect you. He has to learn to deal with you with understanding.

2. Don't fool yourself into thinking that your husband is a Christian and a loving man because even if he is not chasing women, women are chasing him.

3. Pray so that your husband will not bring the spirit of Adultery into your home. Cheating runs in the blood. Don't say it those not concern you because it concerns you a lot.

4. Satan doesn't want you to have a good home. He does not want your children to be saved. He wants them to be gays and you will think it is just a joke.

5. Satan does not want you to have children because the only thing that God is interested in in your marriage is children.

In conclusion, this is a great message for ladies and they should learn alit from this advice. It will take you a long way and it will also ensure that you enjoy stability in your home. Pray for your husband as much as you pray for yourselves and God will answer your prayers in Jesus' name.

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