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Divorce Affair

Man reveals he is still married to his wife after he cheated twice & she sliced his throat in a fight

A man has gone viral online after revealing how difficult it was to replace his wife, despite all the challenges and differences they had

He claimed that he cheated on his wife twice and accidentally killed her cat. She on the other hand got impregnated by their marriage counselor. Although they both agreed to keep the baby.

The most fascinating thing about the whole story was after he revealed how she once sliced his throat during a fight.

Despite all this, they are both still together, as husband and wife.

He then shared a photo of his throat, after someone doubted his story.

Well, though I am not in support of divorces in marriage, but in this case, this is actually the best option for both couple because, the marriage may no longer be as secure as it used to be.

It would be very difficult for one partner to trust the other after all the experiences they have been through, and there is really no point of marriage, if both partner do not trust eachother. it's best both partners simply agree to part ways

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