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"To Stay together, Pray together": A Tip for a Sustainable Relationship (episode 3)


To whosoever is reading this post, you're lucky to be partaking in this Good News.

✓ To whom, does this Article concern?

In the first place, I wish to highlight that the scope and interest of this post goes beyond any particular religious affiliation or denomination. It has an accommodating character for which ever sphere of life you belong. Simple put, this is a rule of life.

✓ How does it concern me?

Each and everyone of us is a product of a union and a community. We stem from a congenital union that concerns the fusion of a male and female gamete. We belong to a community that shares some interests, culture and ideas. For J. S. Mbiti: "to Be is to Be with others", as such, we Cherish circumstances and opportunities that bring us together. We don't naturally like discord and segregation, these are accidental factors of our society.

✓ Why Prayer?

Yes! It is not a mistake that prayer is posited as a antidote and facilitator of sustainable relationship.

Our common knowledge of Pray is basically on the idea of communication. It could either be in relation to a Divine Being or a human being. This communication can be in a form of gratitude (praises), appraisal (testimony), or supplication (request).

Therefore, these characteristic features of prayer are signs of common interest, oneness, mutual reciprocity, and filial dependence.

a) When we gather together to pray, we sometimes come up with similar prayer points. We recognize and represent the intentions of one another for the common interest and growth of the community life. We wish each other WELL and make open affirmative declarations.

b) When we are joined in Prayer, we recognize our oneness. As Human beings in need of Divine assistance. As members of the same faith community. And as people, who are facing the same vicissitudes of life.

c) When we remember we belong to a prayer and a worshipping community, we become courageous, we have the sense of not being forgotten. This is the case, especially when one occasion or the other keeps us outside this prayer bond. We feel this mutual reciprocity in the place we find ourselves, because the thought of a community that gathers on our behalf strengthens our will.

d) When we pray together, we indirectly stimulate the bond of filial dependence. Prayer is one of the things we can do forever as a family or People in a relationship. We cannot always do business together, we cannot always study together, we cannot always engage in the same fun together, a time will come when some occasions would make those activities unattenable, but Praying together endures forever, both here and hereafter.

Finally, don't forget that any family or community that prays together, stays together. Teach your children how to stay together and pray, it could be the only experience that will continue binding them together while the grow up. Teach your partner how to pray together, it could be the only reason why both of you would need to come together to talk, when there seems not to be any new gist to share.




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