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Men Please Stop Doing These 7 Things If You Wish To Live Long.

I believe that everyone wants to live long, but there are some certain things men need to stop doing to achieve that.

Please read carefully and slowly so, you can be able to understand this wonderful article. Without wasting much time, here are seven things you should stop doing as a man if you wish to live long.

1. Avoid illegal groups and never be part of them.

If you want to live long as a man, then avoid illegal groups like a secret Cult and bad cult. Neither should you join any of these groups nor be part of them.

So many men have wasted their lives because of this, and they still do not want to learn. I know so many people who lost their lives at a very young age just because they were involved in an illegal group or the other.

2. Stop smoking and drinking too much alcohol.

So many men are fund of this habit, and that is why they die early. Please avoid smoking too much, but it will be better if you stop it totally. Cigarette smoking harms several organs in the body, and it also causes many diseases that leads to death.

Apart from smoking, drinking too much alcohol is very bad, and not good for the health. In case you do not know, alcoholic drinks contains sugar. So stop drinking too much because it will affect you in the long run.

3. Never marry someone you do not really love.

Never marry someone you do not like all in the name of pity because it will make you old quickly. At 26-Year-Old, you should learn to let go of the women you do not love and start looking for the woman you love.

A friend of mine recently married his long time girlfriend. The funny thing is that, he does not love her anymore, but had to continue with the wedding just because they have been in relationship for five years. He is now regretting it, but it is too late.

4. Stop revealing the money in your bank account to people, especially your friends.

It is very wrong to show your account balance or brag about the money you just received to people, most especially your friends. Always keep your ideas and money to yourself If you wish to live long.

If your friend notice that you have much money than him, or he finds out that you were giving huge amount of money, he may become jealous and harm you. Your friends will always want you to be in the same level with them.

5. Stop taking random girls you know nothing about to your house.

If you want to live long, then be careful with the kind of women you take to your house. Some men are fund of carrying unknown women they know nothing about to their houses. If you are the type that usually do this, please stop it immediately.

You do not know what they do for a living, not even their personality, and you want to take them to your house for fun. Some of these girls could be possess and you won't know. I've heard a lot of stories about this, and those stories never ended well. So please be careful.

6. Love with your head and not with your heart.

As a man, always use your head while in a relationship. Stop investing too much emotion because if anything happens to that relationship, you will be on the loosing side.

If you love with all your heart in a relationship, you may become depressed if that relationship hit the rock. So always learn to use your head.

7. Stop abusing drugs.

Stop taking illegal drugs, and always use the exact drugs your doctor prescribed for you. Abusing drugs may lead to physical and emotional problems. One of the major effects of drug abuse is that, it may lead you to an untimely death if abused repeatedly.

Drug abuse can be addictive, but no matter how hopeless the situation seems, it is never too late to turn things around.

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