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OPINION: Reason Why Teens These Days Are So Anxious To Get Into Relationships

Many teenagers have recently joined the dating pool. Every secondary school student now has a "special someone". I am quite appalled at the staggering rise at which teenagers enter relationships just to join the trend.

Going into relationships without being friends first, for financial and s**ual benefits, to update Instagram and Facebook?

It gets worse after several months of love-playing and exhausting infatuation, one party becomes bored and wants to try someone else and then the night falls on your undefined relationship. 

Personally, I feel that there is a reason why teens these days are so pumped to get into relationships. What can be the reason??

All thanks to the digital world!!!

Tremendous influence of social media and the illusion or hype created is the main cause of teens of this generation to rush into relationships.

Teens, now are into the rat race and are extremely ambitious and competitive in studies or any other field and have further taken this pattern into relationships as well.

Being in a relationship is considered as a status symbol and is hyped and flaunted on social media. It is a matter of prestige, happiness and satisfaction when it is appreciated on social accounts, depending on the number of likes and beautiful comments .

Most of the relationships lacks true or real love and is based on weak foundation of just physical attraction or infatuation which ends or doesn't last longer.

Gone are the days where most of the people would get into relationships to be together for a entire life ahead because it was based on trust, loyalty, mutual understanding, sacrifices, adjustments and a great deal of patience to work out together in weak days.

Teens of this generation, boast of their relationships as true love and when it ends because of some silly reason most of the times, they tend to get into a cyclone of depression due to termination of their so called love. They feel lonely, unwanted, helpless and to fill up this loneliness or emptiness, they again get into relationships with some another person.

This is very sad but it is the harsh reality of most of the youths today.

This is very sad, but it is the harsh reality of most of the youths today!!

Young people need to reevaluate their decisions and stop jumping on bandwagons. Focus on your education and your goals, that is what matters most now. And if you must, be with someone who you can grow with, share each others goals and ideas, have meaningful conversations, pray or attend religious gatherings.

Let your relationship be purposeful.

P.S: This is not meant or applicable or being generalized to all teens but most of them. No offense.

What is your take on this subject matter?

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Happy reading !!!!!!

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