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3 Things You Should Not Be Scared To Do For Your Partner

And it looks like this is true these days, where intent can never be ascertained, regardless of what people say, and where the most apparently great partners could just be putting up a show, only to reveal the scum dimension of their personality, somewhere down the line.

What this breeds is a fear and reluctance to go the distance with people. Even when the heart desires to love in an unfettered, unrestricted way, these worries nag at the back of your mind, making you love half-heartedly and cautiously. When you are in a relationship, you should not be scared to do certain things for your partner. Some people hold back these things just for the sake of not being heartbroken. But the truth is, if you genuinely love your partner, then you shouldn’t be scared to display these things to him or her.

1. You shouldn't be scared to Trust your partner

When you trust your partner, it means that you believe them, and they believe in you. Trust means different things to different people. I believe trust comes from the same root as truth. Without trust, there is no relationship…there is only the constant realization of deceit.

2. You shouldn't be scared to Love your partner

When love is absent, then the relationship won't forget ahead. You should not be scared to shower your partner with all the love you have in store for them. When you are not scared to show them love, they won't deny the love you expect them to give you. It's like a give and take something.

3. You shouldn't be scared to stay Loyal to your partner

Your partner deserves your loyalty. If you are not loyal to your partner, then they won't be loyal to you. You can't expect to get something when you don't exercise that thing. So if everyone decides to be loyal and faithful and not cheat on their partner, maybe cheating’s hatchet will finally be buried. Right?

What is your take on this?

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