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How To Tell If A Girl Has Feelings For You But She's Trying To Keep It

Some girls are good at hiding their feelings probably because they're not ready to enter into any relationship or they're afraid of getting rejected if they show it.

However, there is no how the girl might want to keep it hidden, there are some signs she will still tend to display mostly when you're together alone. Although she might try to control herself from making it obvious so she won't be caught along the line, but there is no how she won't flop if the feelings are true.

Dear men, below are ways to tell a girl has feelings for you but she's trying to keep it.

1. If she is always there for you.

There are times things will become tough and rough, and at those times, you will need someone that will be there for you. If a girl is willingly ready to stand by your side during those times, it is because she has feelings for you even if she denies it. There is no way you will care so much for someone you don't like or want to be there for them. If a girl is like this to you, just know she has feelings for you and she is trying to keep it. You can just ask it directly to her face and see if she will deny it or not. 

2. She is always calm and apologizing first all the time.

We all know girls to be hard and stubborn. They won't easily agree that they are at fault and won't want to apologize first. But if a girl apologizes first and she seems to be calm whenever she is with you, just know she has feelings for you. It could be because she doesn't want you to get annoyed with her or doesn't want a situation whereby you guys will have to stay apart without talking for days that why she reacts that way. It is only a girl that has feelings for you that will do this.

3. She sends flirty messages to you.

Come to think of it, a girl that doesn't care about you won't try this with you. Even if you're close friends she won't ever send you flirty messages unless she has an interest in you. If you notice this type of thing in a girl, there is a big assurance she has feelings for you and she is trying to cover it due to some reasons.

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