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Is It Right For a Man To Insist On Impregnating a Girl Before Marrying Her?

I find it imperative to discuss this topic as a lot of young women have fallen victim to this situation. In my opinion, it's absolutely wrong for a man to demand that the woman he intends to marry must get pregnant for him before he proceeds with the marriage rites. Mostly, it's claimed that they want to be on the safe side so as not to marry a woman who can't bear children.

There are many things we do wrongly in our communities that have managed to become the new normal. Generally, the main objective of marriage is to unify a man and woman who love each other and wishes to spend the rest of their lives together. But some people don't understand this true definition of marriage as they see it as the only avenue to rear children and anything outside that context won't be tolerated. As such, many women have been left stranded and entangled with a man who doesn't love them but only wishes to get kids from them, hence, subjecting them to all sorts of inhumane treatments.

I strongly suggest that childbearing shouldn't be a determinant of who we marry, instead, love and courage should be. It's high time we understand that the sole aim of marriage is not just about giving birth to children. We should understand that if one partner has an issue with childbearing, it's our responsibility to make them stay strong, seek a better solution, and pray to God.

Also, it's an abuse of the female child's right to demand intercourse with them before marriage proper. It's important to correct this wrong impression that society is putting in us and learn to do things in the right way. To this end, I strongly recommend that men should go ahead and marry the woman they love without impregnating her first because it's wrong.

What is your opinion on this issue?

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