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3 Things Guys Do When They Start Getting Serious In A Relationship

It is not a new thing that guys are full of ego and most of them are not always good at expressing their feelings. This is why most guys prefer to show their feelings or emotions through their actions. 

Some guys can sweet talk you when they seem interested in you while some will just act good and kind around you just to get your attention. As a lady, when you enter into a relationship, you need to study your guy and know if the relationship is leading somewhere or you're just there for the fun of it. 

When a guy is getting serious in relationship (that is, when he's starting to think of settling down with you) there are some things he will start doing which will give you a clue about his plans for you.

1. He starts to take interest in your stuffs

When a guy is getting serious in a relationship, he tends to become serious in things you like and things you're also interested in. Like the type of business you're into, or the course you're studying in school. He will try hard to become a part if your lifestyle. He can also go extra mike just to be involved in your stuffs.

2. He starts to feel comfortable around you

Another thing a guy will do when he's getting serious in a relationship is to feel comfortable around you. He will be free to do anything and everything in your presence. He won't have to hide anything from you.

3. He plans his future with you

When a guy is getting serious in a relationship, one of the things he will also do is to plan his future with you. He will be eager to discuss and plan his future with you. Like the number of children he will like to have and some things that has to do with his future. Ladies, a guy that really loves you will not always avoid discussing about the future with you. 

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