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For Couples: 5 Things In Marriage That Shouldn't Be Discussed With A 3rd Party

3rd party in this content means “another person”. In relationship/marriage, it's just you and your partner which makes you two people, and there are secretive things that should only be discussed between you two, another ear (3rd person) shouldn't hear about those things.

So without wasting much time, below are those certain parts of your marriage that shouldn't be disclosed with anyone besides your partner.

1. Financial Issues:

Every issue that concerns money or the difficulties in getting to take care your home, should not be disclosed with another person, even if it's a close friend, he or she should not know about your difficulties in money or financial issues, so you can fully protect the image of your home.

A friend can relate your financial issues to another friend, and another can relate to another, and before you know it, your marriage financial issue becomes open to the public, and no one will give your home respect. So, it's best and advisable never to disclose your financial matters to anyone.

2. Flaws / Imperfections:

The flaws or imperfections of your partner should be kept with you, and never be related to any other person. You may relate to another and that friend may use that on you/gossip you with that. 

Relationship/marriage flaws and imperfection should be kept as a deep secret between the couple, and also solved within the couple. No ear should hear about your partner's flaws or your relationship flaws because you might not receive the best advice. 

3. Pregnancy Matters:

This goes to the men, never relate to friends when your wife gets pregnant, for security purposes, and also to protect your baby/wife. Let them see it when the baby bump shows out.

4. S€x/Health Related Issues:

Your intimacy issues are best solved only with your partner. Never let a 3rd person know about some of your heart issues because that person may use it to mock you outside. It's better to save your relationship, and avoid disclosing your health/s*x issues to a 3rd party. 

5. Fights/Arguments:

Why you should not relate your fights or heated arguments with other, is because you don't know who wants the success of your home, and you may get a bad advice from the person you relate the issue to. 

Your partner may also not be happy when he gets to know you have disclosed your fights or arguments with another. It's better you solve your fights and arguments with your partner, never relate it with another, so you can save your home. 

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