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Name Something That Women Wear That Irritates You", See Mixed Reactions To This Question

Social media platforms have stood as where men and women express their minds, ask different questions and give out opinions. Upon this background, you will find various users asking about what their fellow people like or hate just to either catch a cruise or make exploration about one another.

A social media user with the name, Nielo has caused mixed reactions on Twitter after asking men to name things women wear that pisses them off, he specified that only men should answer the question.

Trust Nigerians, many of them flaunted the comments section to give various answers that will make you giggle as you continue viewing them one by one.

You can see the reactions in the screenshots below;

However, women will continue to wear all these things as long as they look beautiful in them, they don't care if you like them or not except if you tell them not to wear them as their husbands.

Now, I want to redirect the same question to the men reading this article that what irritates you among what women wear?

Drop your answers below.

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