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How can you be doing this to yourself and still be smiling? See what these girls are doing

Not everyone covered with human skins are human. Some are just entirely some different animal that I don't even know what name I can give to them.

I can't even imagine myself doing all this to my body. Like even if I can do it, will I be okay doing it?

All these were the questions that came to my mind when I saw these pictures for the first time. I can't just imagine doing any of these things, even the least of them.

There are lots of skills people acquire. They get those skills and learn them from those that know them. Some also add to their initial skill to make it more unique, while some people are just so gifted with what they do. I don't even know which category to place these girls. Did they learn it or something, or will we call this gift too? What a wow. Infact I can say I was wowed when I saw those pictures too.

The strange part of it is that these girls are doing them and they are still smiling. I don't know, Is something wrong with them? Don't they have body ache and all?

Do these girls have bones in their body at all?

See some of their pictures below and tell me if I'm exaggerating.

Now tell me, is it exaggeration if I say these ladies are not human?

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Are they supposed to be smiling while doing this kind of thing to themselves? Drop your comments.

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