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Dear Men, Here Are Signs A Woman Will Show If She Wants To Make Love With You

As a man, you should be able to know when your woman is in the mood to make love. If a man can understand this hints, he won't complain about his woman not initaiting physical intimacy anymore.

In this article, I will share with you 3 signs a woman will show, when she wants to make love with you.

1. She begins to massage your chest:

As I said earlier, women are very tricky and shy. Instead of a woman telling you she's in the mood to make love, she rather give you a sign, and one of the signs is massaging your chest, which can easily get you in your feelings.

2. She Talks about romance

Another sign a woman will show you when she's in the mood is by talking about romance. When you are with your woman in a secure environment, and she suddenly bring up a romantic topic to discuss, note it down that she is in the mood.

3. Attractive Clothes:

Attractive clothes are not left out in the signs a woman show when she wants to make love. When your woman wears attractive dresses such as bikini, bumshot etc during day time, note it down that she is ready to make love.

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