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5 Ways To Test A Guy To Know If He Truly Loves You

Well, it is often difficult to understand a guy's real intentions towards you. Some guys can pretend to love you to the moon, but truth be told, they are faking the reality of their real motive. 

As such, the desire to question the authenticity of his love becomes pertinent. 

Read between the lines to see the tricks you can use to understand his intents towards you.

As I will explain to you strategies that you can use to test if a guy truly loves you.

However, here are 5 simple ways to test a guy to see if he is really into you?

1. Starve Him of S*x:

This is the first trick you can use to apprehend his motive, starve him of s*x and see his reactions if he picks up a quarrel or breaks up with you because of that, just knows that his motive is to chop you black and blue.

If he quits the relationship because of that, then just know that he doesn't love you. A man who loves you will always be there for you, sex or no sex.

Be courageous to do this no matter how deep you love him. After all, he can boldly walk away from you anytime for another girl and leave you heartbroken.

2. Pretend to be Pregnant for him:

Pretending to be pregnant is another decent strategy you can use to test a guy you are currently dating. If you feel maybe the guy does not like you enough and has been sleeping with you for free, then pretending to be pregnant is the best loophole to catch him. If he claims that he's not responsible for the pregnancy, and leaves because of that, it’s an indication he doesn't love you. Please avoid this strategy if you're the type that sleeps around with guys.

3. Observe his non-verbal Communication: 

The rationale behind this is to know if he truly loves you. Watch out for the things he does while spending time with you. 

Does he feel awkward when he's around you in the public space? 

Always observe his silent language.

This is important because you can analyze him by the action he puts up while talking to you. If his face demonstrates signs that he’s happily spending time with you or feels bored around you and just want to go home.

4. Pretend to be ill:

This will help unveil his motives. This is important because a real man who loves you will lose sleep when his babe is sick. He will break walls for you to make sure you're fine at all times.

If he doesn’t care about you and feels less concerned, don’t bother to care or check on you. That means he doesn’t love you enough to carry your matter for the head.

5. Observe his actions in Public Spaces:

Critically scan his actions whether he gets a kick out of the chance to be near you in broad daylight.

If he alienates himself from you when in public space, just know that he's not proud of you. Most importantly, watch to check whether he jumps at the chance to pull you close openly or be detached from you. 

If he willingly shows his fondness and real love, for example, by giving you a warm embrace and being ready to kiss you in public space, it's an indication he truly loves you.

If he doesn’t, however, it could likewise mean that he’s shy. 

Before you try this strategy, understand your guy's personality. If he's an introvert or extrovert.

Finally, if you’re not confident if your partner loves you or not, testing the legality of his love will give you a clear map of whether to go ahead with the relationship or to quit. Everything is tied in with discerning how says “I love you”, paying close attention to his non-verbal communication, and deciphering your position.

Content created and supplied by: Joleric (via Opera News )


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