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How Toothpaste Can Help You Find The Love Of Your Life

Hello guys welcome to my page!

I know what you're probably thinking right now; how in the world can TOOTHPASTE help me find the LOVE OF MY LIFE?, well, take a chill pill and relax. if you stick around till the end of this piece, you will find out how, and I guess you'll also be excited as well.

It's my experience, and I will like to share it with you, my fiancee will definitely be laughing hard right now when she sees this article pop up in her notification bar.

I have written about it a couple of times and even gave some talks on it, and the surprise look you probably have on your face right now is the same reaction I see on the faces of my audience each time I say "toothpaste can help you find your love" its not outrageous, it's absolutely practical.

When I first met with my fiancee, the first thing that attracted me to her before I even got to know how amazing she is, was her teeth. Incredible right? Yeah, her dentition were literally glistening with splendor, I had never seen a more cleaner, whiter and absolutely beautiful sets of teeth before. although she has a crooked tooth, it didn't change or affect how beautiful, neat and attractive they were (sorry to use that word).

I enjoyed taking to her, and I still do. And by the way, she thought me how to take care of my teeth, and now I have an equally amazing dentition. Beautiful story right? Yeah, however, yours can be different and probably more romantic. I'll love if you share then below in the comment section.

Most of our beautiful ladies and guys probably don't know this, but there are many things that attracts boys to girls and vice versa. One of which is your first appearance.

Love at first sight is pristine, and it happens everyday. I've seen it and my relationship is an epitome. I am not talking about infatuation, this is attraction; humans are always attracted to beautiful things, including people. Beauty appeals to our basest nature.

Everyone that wants to go into a relationship have a preconceived idea of who they will love to date, and i bet being unkempt and ugly is never a criterion. Every man or girl loves a good looking partner.

Good looking people are always attractive, especially the neat and modest people. You might be very beautiful, but if your unkempt, no one will notice you, and they'll probably never say a word to you. Hence if you want more people to get interested and attracted to you, consider improving your appearance.

Now, one of the lost prominent part of your body is your face, and one of the most utilized part of your face is your mouth. When you speak, your teeth is the most visible part of your mouth. Hence if your teeth is unkempt, people will dread having a conversation with you. Which reduces your chances of expressing who you effectively and finding love.

One of the most important substance to help you maintain a shiny, clean and good mouth smell is toothpaste. Many of people underutilize or even ignore it completely in their daily routine. This is not good!

Always make sure you brush your teeth with a good toothpaste to remove food remains in your mouth completely, because this is one of the reasons why people develop bad mouth odours and a bad looking teeth. When you fail to brush your teeth, food remains lodge within the cavities in your teeth, where bacteria in your mouth ferments them to make them rancid and produce bad odour and also change the whiteness of your teeth.

It's is very ideal to brush your teeth first thing every morning and last thing at night before you sleep.

Notice I said "can" and not "will" in the headline, because it is not absolute assertion but a probability. Having a good looking, shiny and white teeth will definitely increase the number of people who will love to chat with you. That way, people can get to know you better and probably ask you put on a date, that way, you can find the love of your life. There is no single way of meeting your love, but you can make yourself attractive enough to attract the love of your life. Now you see the relationship right?

Sincerely, if a girl, although looking beautiful, but with a bad mouth odour and an unkempt or dirty teeth, walks up to you, will you be comfortable having a conversation with her? Or even consider going out on a date with her? I guess no. Because you'll probably see her as a dirty girl, that is not capable of taking care of your home when you eventually marry her. Ladies are you there? (please jot this Down!! ).

Don't ever underestimate what goes through the mind of a guy when he meets with a girl he is interested in. Within a few seconds, he can imagine them dating already and even married with kids. Funny right? Yeah, it has happened to me a couple of times, but some of our guys know better.

I will love to hear your thoughts on this.

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