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Opinion: The Fear Of Sickle Cell Shouldn't Stop You From Getting Married

It is always advisable that before people get married, they should know their genotype. It is no longer news that some people get discouraged, when they find out their partner's genotype might cause them to have children, who can develop sickle cell in future. Sickle cell is a disease that affects the red blood cells, and makes it difficult for blood to travel to different parts of the body. People who have the genotype SS may fall sick sometimes, and they need to be well taken of.

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In my own opinion, people shouldn't be scared of getting married to someone who has sickle cell, or someone who might give birth to children with one because, they both have the trait. Sickle cell is not a death sentence and it can be properly managed. There are some people who are sickle cell carriers, and you won't know because they take care of themselves. If we should start avoiding them, then who will marry them.

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There are ways which you can cope with your child or partner who has sickle cell. It is important that you visit a doctor, to give you ways to take care of your child or partner who has sickle cell. Taking enough water everyday, taking enough fruits and vegetables, taking folic acid, taking pain relieve drugs and avoiding smoking, can also help sickle cell patients.

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It is not easy to manage sickle cell crisis, but that shouldn't make us not to marry someone who has it when we have the chance. Proper medication and care can help handle it, and the person can live a long and fulfilled life. It might affect them emotionally and physically, but when they are shown enough love and support they will do well.

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