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Lady, 3 Things You Shouldn't Beg For In A Relationship.

There are privileges and rights a lady should enjoy in a relationship. She deserves to have the best of her man in all ramifications. 

Some men are just insensitive to the demands of a relationship with a lady. Presently, it is a usual thing for some men to play hard-to-get instead of the lady, thereby pushing her into begging for some things she shouldn't.

Naturally, men should be the chasers and should take the lead in most things in a relationship. Every lady feels fulfilled when a man offers what is expected in a relationship.

Some ladies go ahead begging for what they deserve and should enjoy in a relationship. There are things a lady shouldn't beg a man for in a relationship. Below are some of the things:

1. Calls and romantic texts:

A man who claims to love you should be able to make out time and type some meaningful and thoughtful texts to make you feel loved. Such texts include early morning and late-night texts.

If he doesn't call or text as you expect, don't beg him to change.

2. Words of compliments:

If your contributions to the relationship are appreciated, your man should always acknowledge it by giving you a deserving compliment. If he remains blind and dumb to your efforts, then you should review the relationship. Real men are detailed to the point of giving some heartfelt compliments to their ladies.

3. To stop relating with the ex:

There are things in a man's life a girl shouldn't pamper. If he still has some attachments with the ex, kindly note he is not worth your time. You are not enough for him. It is a red flag. You shouldn't think of begging him to cut off from the ex; you might regret it.

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