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10 Things Men Find Attractive in Women Other than Their Appearance.

Most people conceived the idea that men are moved by what they see. Prior to that men tend to be attracted to a woman physical looks.There is no doubt the first thing that attracts a guy to a girl is their guise and the way they look. However, that is not the only factor that appeals to eyes of men. Relationships are not entirely based on external appearances.

In this article I will be sharing with you things men find attractive in a women other than their appearance.

1. Natural

Most ladies depend on heavy make up to look beautiful. Although make up aid in enhancing a woman's beauty, too much of it can set a man off. Most men are attracted to women who are natural.The beauty of a woman is beyond her physical appearance . True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. If you must apply make up on your face, ensure it's a light one.

2. Industrious 

No matter how beautiful you are as a woman, no man will be attracted to you when he finds out you are lazy. There are no room for lazy women in our world of today. Gone are those days when a woman good looks is her selling point, nowadays you have to be industrious and hardworking to keep a man. 


Most men are attracted to eloquent and outspoken women. Men admire ladies who have the ability to express theirselves freely. 


Men are always proud of their woman intelligent, especially if can engaged in a thoughtful interaction. A man might be attracted to a lady due to her physical looks but when he realizes she isn't intelligent he won't be committed to her. A beauty without brain is a lost to a man. 


Men are highly attracted to independent ladies more than ladies with just good looks. No man will like to settle with a woman who cannot bring anything to the table, aside good looks. Instead of making efforts in looking good, it's better you invest in making yourself an independent lady. Your physical look can only keep a man temporarily. 


The only love that language men understand is respect. A lady might be a beautiful as a goodness, but if she is rude and disrespectful no man will be attracted to her. There are so many pretty ladies who can't keep a man due to their disrespectful character. As a lady if you want a man to find you attractive, be respectful. 


In a world where a man is being face with various challenges in making ends meet, he need to come back home to a woman who will always make him laugh. When a lady is playful and well accommodative a man will always find her attractive. 


A prayerful woman is a keeper of a home. Most men finds a prayerful woman attractive, because she gives them a sense of security. I believe behind every successful man, is a prayerful woman. 

9.Dress to Impress

The first thing that get a man attracted to a woman is her dressing. Every woman is beautiful when she is neat and dresses well. You don't have to dressed indecently to get a man attention, dressing in such way will only get you attract to unserious men. As a lady you ought to be conscious with your appearance, if you want to attract good men.

10. Maturity

Although maturity comes with age, but sometimes age is just a number. Men admire maturity in women more than good looks. How she carry herself and handle situations around her fascinate him more than her good looks. 

A woman good looks or appearance fade with time, but her character doesn't. Men are attracted to things that last rather than temporary things. This article is my personal opinion, hence it's open to criticism and contributions. 

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