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Child's Head Almost Snapped After Getting Stuck! Learn How He Got Unhooked From The Trap. (Photo)

A few days ago, a story trended on how a child got hooks between a tree's split root stem.

It was so bad, that people from the neighborhood gathered and it seemed it was a machete that was used to free the playing child from the dangerous trap.

Just a few hours ago, this was seen on a Facebook User posted a video on his status. In this video a child was seen hooked in-between short pillar bars on the balcony of their house.

Seems the boy of about 5 years has been stuck there for over an hour as it could be seen that his tears had dried up on his cheek before help came.

Although the guardians who tried to tried to free him we're laughing, it became more serious when they tried and failed and almost lead to them using hammers to break the small boy free.

More help came from another man who said they could injure the boy if the hammer is used and the man told the boy to calm down and relax while he held the boys head bad gently found a wider spot and pulled him out.

Just for an advice, please if you're a guardian and or a parent. The lives of these kids are in your hands.

Don't shout when you see them almost hurt by a situation, calm them down ah5help them through it. Just like the man who helped the sample boy.

Teach them to not go to streams without supervision from an older person.

No playing on the balcony bars as they could fall off.

And when they play, always check up on them.

You can drop you advice for others to learn from it.

Content created and supplied by: Chris_B (via Opera News )

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