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6 Exercises Men And Women Should Do Regularly For Improved Intimate Life

Lovemaking is an exercise on its own and for you to perform well at it, you need to be healthy. Engaging in physical exercises has many positive effects on the body, and one of those is improved performance during intimacy. Information obtained from Healthgrades shows that engaging in regular exercise tends to increase blood flow to the genitals, thus making it very beneficial for both men and women. In this article, I will be showing you some exercises men and women should do regularly in order to improve their intimate life.

1. Glute bridge.

This exercise helps to improve your hamstrings and glutes, thus making thrusting easier, which is no doubt very beneficial during love making. Performing glute bridge also helps to improve flexibility, making it easier to try out different positions during intimacy. It can be done by lying on a mat and bending your knees with your feet on the ground. The picture above is a perfect example of a glute bridge.

2. Kegels.

This exercise targets your pelvic muscles. Research has shown that a strong pelvic muscle helps to improve pleasure in both men and women during intimacy. There are many forms of kegel exercises, however, the image above shows a person performing a kegel exercise.

3. Push-ups.

This is a very popular form of exercise. It targets the whole body muscles at once. Regular push-ups tend to strengthen the arms and legs, making it easier to change positions during lovemaking.

4. Planks.

There are different types of planks, but the simplest ones involve supporting your whole body with your arm and toes. This exercise helps to improve core strength in both men and women, as a healthy core strength is necessary for improved love making experience.

5. Jump squat.

Flexibility and strength is necessary for a better intimate life. Jump squat helps to improve leg strength and stabilization. Research has shown that doing this exercise regularly also helps to increase stamina during love making. It is performed by squatting down and stretching out your arm. The picture above is a good example of a jump squat.

6. Pigeon pose.

This exercise targets the groins, hips and glutes. It also helps to improve flexibility in the lower body, which is very much needed for enjoyable intimacy. Pigeon pose is of different types, you're advised to stop if you experience pain while doing it.

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