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10 Photos Of Men Caught On Camera Staring At Women

Why do men stare at women? Have you at any time stare at a woman and why did you?

There is nothing wrong, staring at a woman, especially when your eye is being attracted by a beautiful, flawless damsel that cat walks with styles and dignity.

It is normal to stare, but it could also be irritating if it is not done appropriately. There are cases when a man gets carried away while staring at a lady, which in turn makes the uncomfortable and she feels unease with such looks.

Well, there are many reasons why a man might stare at a lady, apart from beauty. There are occasions when a lady looks familiar and you fix your eyes on her. At other times it might be as a result of her dressing.

Whichever the reason might be there should be moderation in such looks so that the lady being stared at won't feel irritated or uncomfortable.

In fact, the way men stare at ladies these days is suspicious, I have witnessed a situation when a man was looking at a woman and he hit a lady selling pure water. The man has to pay for the pure water that poured off from her tray. There have been complaints from female friends, and colleagues that men stare "wrongly" at them, thus making them look uncomfortable.

For many men a woman is the most enchanting, amazing and inspiring mystery in the world. Now, what do you do when you are around a mystery?

Hmm, I need to know your thoughts on this.

In conclusion, men should endeavor to check the way they stare at women so that they can feel comfortable around you.

Have you, as a lady felt uncomfortable while being stared at any time?

As a man, have you at any time stared so long at a woman?

Share your experiences below.

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