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How To Get Out Of Friend Zone With The Girl You Like

As a guy, you might like a girl and want to ask her out, but you are already her friend and you might be scared that she would reject you because of that.

In another case, you might ask a girl out, but end up being "just friends" with her. This only means that you showed out signs of being a friend first before making your move. So, she jus placed you back in the place you belong.

Well, here are some steps you can take to move away from the friend zone and get a relationship from a girl you like;

1. Talk to her when she's Alone:

If you are just a friend and want to turn your friendship in a relationship, then you have to stop acting like her other male friends. You can't show her a sign that you want more than friends if you are always around her when she's with her other male friends. You should try talking to her when she's alone, that way, she will understand your point.

2. Accepting the situation:

When you ask a girl out, and she just want to be friends, though that's not what you want, just accept it (at least let her think you did). Don't push too hard or beg her to change her mind, that definitely will not work. If possible, focus less of your attention on her and more of it on yourself. Build up yourself confidence. Girls like guys with self confidence and if she sees this character in you, she will automatically start having interest in you.

3. Hang out with other girls:

A little jealousy goes a long way in this process. When you ask her out and she doesn't accept, learn to start hanging out with other girls and this will bring out a little jealousy In her. Though don't make it too much if not she might think you are not but a flirt.

4.Be a little flirty:

After the third stage is done, try flirting with her a little but don't go too deep or be too nasty. You can try complementing her perfume, dress, or even her lips.

5. Try touching her:

By touching her, I dont mean a very intimate touch like grabbing her ass or something. You can just touch her arms or shoulders, u can even make it look like it was done unconsciously or was a mistake.

6. Jokingly ask her out:

Ask her out for lunch or something and then when you two are alone, jus try asking her out but try to let her think it's a joke. You can just ask her, wait to see her reaction, then change the topic immediately without waiting for an answer from her. If she reacts positively, then you are making progress.

When you see these steps working out for you, then go ahead and make your move. But if they don't workout, accept being just friends with her and go for another girl. At least you would have gained knowledge and skills for getting a girl and you will know how to avoid the friends zone this time.

Thanks for reading, please do well to drop your comments and follow.

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