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3 things that can make a lady run away from you.

Have you been wondering why you don't get to have ladies around you or have you been willing to or hope that one day you would have beautiful people around you? Or maybe you are out there seeing how ladies move around with some other guys and you're left with no one to be with you. The secret is going to be opened in this article.

The good thing about ladies is that they would always want to be with guys that are up to their standards and not someone less, if you see a lady moving around with a guy that Is less than her standard, she probably is gaining more from the guy. 

In this article, I'll be showing us 3 things that make ladies run 

away from you, when you notice any of these, make amends.

1. When you smell bad

Have you ever been asked if you've taken your bath? This is a question that needs urgent and imperative attention. When I was asked this question, I was like are you kidding me? The truth is she's not kidding. She meant you're not smelling nice. And to this, it is expected of you to wear some deodorants, smell nice, you'd attract ladies around you. 

2. When you talk too much.

Haha. I've been told several times that I talk too much. At first, I didn't take this seriously, but when this was said to me on different occasions I realized I needed to reduce the way I talk. And so, the same thing goes for everyone reading this article, ladies appreciate guys with little but important words. They would always cherish and want to be with a man with good speech and understand when and when not to talk.

3. When you joke with everything.

You can not joke about serious situations and expect a friendly gesture around you. You need to understand when a situation demands a serious response. Don't just laugh when it's not necessary. Girls appreciate and would always want to be with a guy that understands situations and can cope with them.

And so it is advisable to always not joke with everything. Get serious when you need to and joke when it is necessary 

Read again. Have a nice day.

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