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3 Most Difficult Aspects Of A Father And Son Relationship - Bishop Wisdom Irabor

Bishop Wisdom Irabor, the presiding pastor of Answers Assembly talked about Father and Son relationship. He explained that the Father and Son relationship is a blessing, if only you understand the rules of engagement. He said that before you call anyone your father, please check your ability to manage these seven difficult areas. Sons who are not mature will always have problems in these areas of engagement:

1. When you see your genuine father relating with the same person you avoided because you know he is very fake and 'dirty':

The man of God revealed that you are the one that sees that person as being fake. Your father is more mature than you, he knows he is weak in one area of life. You are also weak in your area of weakness and that person is also weak in his way. The only problem with that person you call fake is that he relates with so many people in the same way.

2. When by the instruction or body language of your father, you completely cut off from a brother that had issues with your father, as a mark of respect and honour for your father, only to wake up one day to see your father and his prodigal son relating again:

"This issue is very serious," he said. Do you know the elder brother of the prodigal son did not look for his younger brother, as a mark of allegiance to his father?. The same father accepted the prodigal son without first discussing it with his elder son. This matter can tear a family apart because most prodigal sons will come in and don't want to relate with those who joined their father to avoid him.

3. When you believe God hates divorce and you have also preached against it, only to wake up and discover your spiritual father has gone through a divorce:

"Not every son can survive this phase," he said. Pray it doesn't happen to your father if you are a person who has value for one marriage. He said that he knows a pastor who divorced and most of his sons left him because they feel that a divorcee cannot be their father. According to him, to a genuine son, it was not marriage I submitted to but to a mantle. He said that those who disconnected are not wrong, and those who stayed are not also wrong. It is always a difficult moment for all sons when their father goes through a divorce.

Finally, he said that some women will never stay in that church again, because to them, 'I don't want my husband to be influenced wrongly'. However, he said that sons who can survive this difficult moment, are the real sons.

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