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Dealing With Anger In Relationships

Often when we are confronted with heart rending behaviors from our partners in love relationships, it can be quite painful. If it is not well managed, it may result in uncontrollable bouts of anger.

The Bible tells us to avoid rushing into anger because anger rests in the bosom of fools (Proverbs 7:9). Many people tend to rush into taking what may be termed as rash decisions when angry. The strong urge or push to hit back at the person that hurt you may lead you into taking irrational decisions. Naturally we tend to hurt more when offences come from the people we love very dearly.

However, as hurtful as offences from your partner may be tread with caution. As a married man or woman, you must avoid taking key decisions when you are angry with your spouse. This advice also goes to those in serious relationships whose ultimate plan is to get married. Don’t let your anger push you into bringing third parties hastily into the matter. They may do more harm than good. Below are some of things we can do whenever we are deeply hurt by the actions of our partners:

1.    Remain calm.

2.    Express your feelings peaceably and in a polite manner to your partner.

3.    Be patient enough to listen to your partner’s explanation regarding his or her actions.

4.    Create room for reconciliation.

5.    Don’t be eager to bring in third parties. They may do more damages than good.

6.    If you decide to seek counsel concerning your dispute, choose your counselors wisely.

7.    Beware of blood relations or friends who may help in worsening the matter.

8.    Treat gossips about your partner with wisdom.

9.    If your partner is a public figure or a celebrity, then you should handle rumours flying around about him or her with care.

10. Finally, let the God’s word guide your action or reaction when angry.

It is hoped that the tips supplied here are helpful. If they are helpful, please share with others.

Content created and supplied by: Dafidee (via Opera News )


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