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How To Be A Good Friend

You're already a good friend to those around you if you could only treat them well and listen to them whenever they need your attention. But knowing how to be there for your pals isn't always easy. That's why we have compiled some of the things you should know that will turn you into a good friend (even if you are not really one before) 

1. Pay attention to them

Consider the matter from your friend's perspective. To acquire a feel of the problem or issue, ask questions, but the most important thing is to listen. You don't have to know everything, and don't assume your friend wants advise; they may simply want to talk so they can figure it out for themselves.

2. Find out the truth

If a friend has a medical or psychiatric problem, finding out what they have been diagnosed with is a terrific approach to show your support. Being concerned about what they are going through demonstrates that you care and that you intend to be around regardless of what happens.

3. Find out what they needs

If you are concerned about someone and want to help them, find out what they require. You will know what they find beneficial during difficult times, and you'll be able to provide them genuine support.

4. Get physical

Ask your friend whether it's acceptable to embrace them if you're a hugger. Hug as much as you want once you've gotten the thumbs up! Hugging your buddies is a terrific method to show them you care. When someone is feeling lonely, physical contact can be soothing.

5. Maintain contact

Even if you don't live close by, show your pals that you care by staying in touch via social media, messages, or phone calls on a regular basis.

6. Express your feelings to them

You don't have to make a huge deal out of it all the time, but simply letting someone realise how important they are to you would make a significant difference in how they feel. So go ahead and do it!

7. Be prepared to make a difficult decision.

If you believe your friend's safety is in jeopardy, you may need to act without their knowledge and seek assistance. It's a difficult decision, especially if you're scared about how they'll respond, but keep in mind that good friends care enough to help, and you're doing it to keep them safe. 

A good friend is always available to help. You should try to be one because you wouldn't know who will be your true friend when you are in need too. How do you treat your friend? Do you have a good friend? Always show them love. 

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