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Read Funny And Cute Love Message This Lady Posted On Her Facebook Wall, Which Caused Reactions

True love is not all about befriending a lady or a guy who is professor in English language. Come to think of it, is it not some of us that would said, English is a borrowed language, then why do will make jest of those who try hard to feel among, writing or speaking the little they know?

Like I would say, no one is perfect, and there's no way you would be perfect in any language that is not your dialect, this is why you would see some people who think they are perfect but still commit one blunder or the other during a speech.

But even as that, when you know you're not perfect in something, my candid advice is that you should hide yourself a little because bringing yourself out always and committing the same mistake would make you an object of ridicule to children of nowadays.

Just like this lady whose post on Facebook caused reactions because of grammatical errors on what she posted. You could read through what she posted for proper understanding.

As I write, people were busy rushing to her Facebook wall to be sure if a name and a lady like that posted such message. Thousands of people were at the same time trying to identify with her to enjoy more of her English blunder by sending her friend request. Her Facebook name is Bose Disu.

This is the anniversary love message she posted on her wall that caused reactions.

Anyway, God works in mysterious way, maybe this is how He want to turn her to a celebrity because when you search her name on Facebook, you would see some updates from people about her.

Below are some of people's reactions

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